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The MT-50 home theatre system combines the M-1 loudspeaker, with the incredibly compact, yet powerful, ASW608 subwoofer for an unbelievable surround sound experience.


Big movie sound doesn’t necessarily require a blockbuster budget. Our entry-level Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre System MT-50 delivers both great value and a truly immersive cinematic soundscape. This system swaps the PV1D for our compact but punchy ASW608 subwoofer, available in a choice of matt black and white finishes to match the M-1s.

The versatile M-1 satellite provides all five speakers in the Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre System MT-50, providing a full-range, coherent and cohesive sound from the front to the back of the sound stage. The M-1 is also compact and discreet enough to fit into relatively small spaces.

For big sound in small spaces, it’s hard to beat the ASW608, the most compact of the 600 Series subwoofers, and the perfect partner for the M-1 satellites in smaller rooms.


Product of the Year – Speaker Systems What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2012
"Of course, as always, it was the sound that impressed us. The B&W MT-50 system sounds a LOT bigger than it is." Audioholics (June 2012)

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