Marantz | Integrated Amplifier – PM-11S3

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This highly admired Marantz Amplifier PM-11S3  is now in its third generation and is quite simply better than ever.


Marantz | Integrated Amplifier – PM-11S3

This highly admired Premium amplifier is now in its third generation and is quite simply better than ever. That’s because we added new Marantzoriginal high-quality, high-purity copper speaker terminals. There’s also a new power amp direct input, and a new Marantz Remote App operation (iOS and Android) via the Marantz control bus with Network player. These additions, and the many refinements we have made, not only improve the audio quality and functionality of what was already a seriously impressive amp, but also ensure its success will continue for long into the future. Even before these refinements, the PM-11 was packed with advanced technologies to give you the best in detail, precision, and emotion. The shielded Toroidal transformer and customised components, ensure ultrastable power output at 2x 100W into 8 ohms or 2x 200W into 4 ohms. Absolute signal integrity and very low signal-to-noise ratio is guaranteed via the 3-stage construction which includes a pre-amplifier and a dual stage main-amplifier, as well an extra pre-amplifier for Phono MM/MC. Key technologies include the latest Marantz Current Feedback HDAM®SA3, as well as symmetrical circuitry with the shortest signal paths to deliver dynamic sound and perfect stereo imaging. The result is an unbelievably wide sound stage, but with extremely precise positioning of instruments and vocals. In addition, the chassis and rear panel are copper-plated to guarantee low impedance ground potential at any point for best possible signal integrity. All of which means that the PM-11S3 is a reflection of superiority.

Main Features
– 2x 100 Watts (8 ohm) / 2x 200 Watts (4 ohm)
– Current feedback technology provides wide range, very fast and accurate signal handling
– Toroidal transformer
– Full discrete 3 stage amplifier construction
– New HDAM®SA3 circuitry
– Rigid Premium Chassis with 5mm thick Aluminum top cover for anti-vibration
– Copper plated chassis
– Marantz original high quality and high-purity copper speaker terminals SPKT-100
– Power Amp direct input for easy integration in an AV setup
– MM/MC Phono input with HDAM
– ECO Friendly : Auto standby, low power consumption in standby mode

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