Denon | Integrated Amplifier – PMA-2020

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The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 faithfully reproduces a wide range of music sources, from analogue record players to the most advanced sound sources from a PC.


Denon | Integrated Amplifier – PMA-2020

Enjoy delicate musical nuances and spacious acoustic sound with time-honoured Denon audio technologies The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 is an integrated amplifier that faithfully reproduces a wide range of music sources, from analogue record players to the most advanced sound sources from a PC. A variety of advanced circuits in this amp ensure a consistently stable supply of power even for musical passages with sudden bursts of sound or continuous fortissimos. The circuit configuration includes a further-improved Advanced UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit, and the strengthened power circuit masterfully reproduces delicate musical details on a powerful, rock-solid foundation. The remote controller that comes with the PMA-2020AE also operates the main functions of a Denon CD player, letting you enjoy ease of use in addition to stunning sound quality. High Quality Sound Advanced UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit with New Schottky barrier diodes, for musical detail and power The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 employs a large-current UHC-MOS for its amplifier element to configure an ideal circuit that is both a simple push-pull circuit and one that is capable of high-power output. The UHC-MOS in this amp is of a new type that provides greater current capacity and represents the heart of the Advanced UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit that has vastly improved the power amp block and power supply block circuit configuration. The original sound is now reproduced with a highly transparent, realistic quality. A new Schottky barrier diode with 1.5 times better performance compared with the previous model has been used in the power supply unit, improving the expressive power of the UHC-MOS through reduced switching noise and highly capable power transmission thanks to highspeed operation. New Ultra High Current MOS with greater current capacity From a single element, the Ultra High Current MOS (UHCMOS) produces the current linearity previously produced by 35 conventional MOS-FETs and 3 bipolar transistors. The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 is equipped with the latest UHC-MOS with further expanded current capacity, boosting peak current from 120A to 210A. A copper plate with high heat conductivity has been added between the UHC-MOS and the radiator to improve heat dissipation, enhance stability in amplifier element operation, and ensure consistent reproduction of sound quality from minute to very large signals. Highly accurate Dual FET + Cascade Bootstrap Circuit to improve stability A new Dual FET has been adopted for the input stage of the power amp. This feature-rich Dual FET suppresses the adverse influence of heat changes on sound, contributing to stable operation. Also, since a Cascade Bootstrap Circuit has been employed in the first stage of the differential amplifier circuit, superior amplification with negligible misalignment in frequency phase is now possible. Twin transformers with leakage cancelling mount Two transformers have been connected in parallel to dramatically improve electrical and magnetic characteristics. The Leakage Cancelling (LC) mount-in system, a method of cancelling mutual magnetic influences, has been used to minimise the leaking of magnetic flux, a source of noise inside the amp. The method in which the transformers were mounted also used a combination of special resins and vibration-resistant materials that produce a floating effect to prevent adverse influences from affecting sound quality. Independent preamp and output stage power supplies, plus powerful high current dynamic power circuit Minimum Signal Path, to protect signal purity Chassis construction with 6 independent blocks The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 features a twin monaural axisymmetric construction with separate power amp blocks for the left and right channels to prevent mutual interference between the circuits, shut out noise, and obtain a clear stereo image. Circuits with different signal levels have been isolated into 6 separate blocks. And 1.6 mm thick blackcoated steel plates have been used for chassis to eliminate sound coloration caused by mutual interference between the blocks and ensure the playback of sound with a clear sense of space. Thoroughly vibration-resistant design with Direct Mechanical Ground Construction The vibration-resistant construction was reviewed to ensure that the adverse influences of vibration on sound quality are thoroughly suppressed. The power transformer, a major source of vibration, has been “float” mounted using a variety of vibration-resistant materials. The radiator has been dampened with a vibration resistant material and a radiator stabilizer, and by mounting the radiator near the foot, interference with the power transformer and other sources of vibration is minimized. – A highly rigid B.M.C. (Bulk Molding Compound) has been newly adopted for the insulator material on the Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020. – The shorter distance between feet guides vibration more easily to the feet. – The radiator mounting to the chassis has been given a lower centre of gravity to further facilitate vibration guidance to the feet. – Fins of different thicknesses have been used in the radiator to eliminate the adverse effects of resonance. These and other measures to minimize the effects of both internal and external vibration, such as in the mounting and placement of the various parts, contribute to impeccable sound transparency and improved localization. Large, high-grade 27 mm volume control unit Precision Signal Ground Circuit, to protect signal purity Useful Functions Power Amp Direct The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 provides a Power Amp Direct input feature that allows the unit to be used as a standalone power amplifier when combined with an A/V preamplifier or similar component. PRE OUT port The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 is equipped with a versatile PRE OUT port that lets you connect a separate standalone power amplifier or add a subwoofer. Newly designed system remote for Amp and CD operation The remote control unit that comes with the Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 also lets you operate Denon DCD-2020AE CD player. Highgrade tactile buttons and other features make this remote extremely easy to use. Auto-standby, to minimize power consumption When no signals or operations are detected for a certain period of time, the Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 automatically switches to standby mode where power consumption is at its lowest level. Auto-standby ensures that electricity is not wasted.

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