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Definitive Technology | BP9060 (Ex-Demo) Ex-demo repack / Good condition May show signs of general use (e.g., brush marks from cleaning. etc.) but no major marks Sold as a pair […]


Definitive Technology | BP9060 (Ex-Demo)

Ex-demo repack / Good condition
May show signs of general use (e.g., brush marks from cleaning. etc.) but no major marks
Sold as a pair

High-performance Bipolar Tower Speaker with Integrated 10″ Powered Subwoofer
High-performance Bipolar tower speaker: 18 Hz – 40 kHz
Powerful, Forward-Focused Bipolar speaker array for wide and immersive sound dispersion
Integrated 10” powered subwoofer and dual bass radiators
Intelligent Bass Control offers enhanced bass while maintaining overall tonal balance

Forward Focused Bipolar Array expands your room’s entire soundstage. Aluminum dome tweeters, high-performance drivers, integrated powered subwoofer and Intelligent Bass Control let you hear and feel every note as the artist intends. Dolby Atmos / DTS:X compatibility let you explore true multi-dimensional sound. Timeless, minimalist design. This is what obsession sounds like.

Key Features
Patented Forward-Focused Bipolar Array (FFBP)
Forward Focused Bipolar Array offers the ultimate balance between room-filling sound and a precise center image, while giving you total placement flexibility.

Intelligent Bass Control
Intelligent Bass Control™ is our latest advancement that gives you the ability to modulate deep bass up or down in level while simultaneously maintaining mid-range tonal balance.

Dolby Atmos Certified & DTS:X Compatible
We’ve integrated a hidden connector port that fits our A90 speaker module seamlessly (sold separately). Simply remove the magnetically-sealed, acoustically treated aluminum top panel from the speaker and firmly align and place the A90 elevation speaker module within the top of your BP9000 speaker to hear and feel multi-dimensional sound (requires a Dolby Atmos/DTS:X-enabled receiver and Dolby Atmos/DTS:X-encoded source material).

Integrated Powered Subwoofer and Dual Bass Radiators
The best loudspeaker is one that reproduces balance between the highest highs down to ground-shaking lows as accurately as possible. Our integrated powered subwoofer matched with its respective bass radiator offers deeper, more impactful bass from the tower speaker without the need to add a separate subwoofer.

Aluminum Dome Tweeters
Crystal clear highs bring the most demanding audio to life. Our tweeters play higher in frequency than what is heard by the human ear, creating an authentic reproduction of sound as the artist intends in the studio or concert hall.

BDSS – Balanced Double Surround System
Improves driver excursion which results in the selected driver producing bass output usually associated with a larger driver, while retaining the improved dispersion and midrange definition of a smaller driver.

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