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PM1 is a compact  and discreet loudspeaker that offers an extremely high-quality performance. It features a new tweeter design, and a cabinet unlike anything previously constructed by Bowers & Wilkins. PM1 produces a sound so refined that everything else suddenly seems insignificant.


Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1

The Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1 is a luxury, compact loudspeaker – the latest in a long line of Bowers & Wilkins audiophile mini monitors. It offers an extremely high-quality audio performance, and features several technological innovations.

This includes the new Carbon Braced Tweeter. An aluminium dome is strategically stiffened with a wound ring of carbon fibre, pushing the breakup frequency to above 40kHz, providing a marked improvement in performance in the audible frequencies below 20kHz. The Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1 cabinet is also unlike anything previously constructed by Bowers & Wilkins. It combines the Matrix bracing system for greater rigidity, with a new moulded baffle and top plate for improved image localization.

The enclosure, crossover and terminals are all designed to achieve maximum synergy between all the components. The result is a loudspeaker that is expansive, with incredibly coherent staging aided by the new Carbon Braced Tweeter. Coupled with unprecedented levels of scale and authority for such a compact design.

Carbon Braced Tweeter
You might imagine that any changes made in the frequency range above the limits of human hearing shouldn’t effect the sound we hear. And yet our experiments with diamond tweeters proved otherwise. By raising the break-up frequency far beyond the audible threshold of 20kHz, we created a tweeter that sounded far truer and more natural. With a break-up frequency of 30kHz, our aluminium dome tweeters already operate above the audible range. But inspired by diamond, we wanted to see if we could do even better for the PM1.

The result is an entirely new type of tweeter dome. By bracing the dome with a ring of filament-wound carbon fibre, we’ve raised the break-up frequency of aluminium to 40kHz. As a result, the Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1 features the sweetest-sounding aluminium dome tweeter we’ve yet produced.

Shaped for Sound
When you look at the loudspeakers in the 800 Series Diamond range one thing immediately strikes you: the beautiful curvaceous head units. The PM1’s curved baffle echoes that shape, and for good reason: it smoothly disperses the sound around the speaker, helping to create a solid, three-dimensional image.Coupled with the placement of the tweeter on top of the cabinet, this significantly reduces the baffle area surrounding the drive units.

This produces an enhanced depth of soundstage, and a wider sweet spot. The choice of materials helps to render the cabinet inert, which is vital on such a compact loudspeaker. The resulting performance is breathtaking in its ability to reproduce the audio signal, particularly when it comes to rendering the natural timbre of voices.

Anti-Resonance Plug
Where we lead, others eventually follow. It was back in 1974 that Bowers & Wilkins first discovered Kevlar’s unique ability to absorb the standing waves that can cause resonance in other midrange cone materials. Nowadays, you’ll see Kevlar® cones in many rival high-end speakers. But even as others adopt our technologies, we continue to innovate. And we see no reason to stop today.

For the Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1, we’ve enhanced the resonance-absorbing properties of Kevlar still further with a unique, entirely new feature: the anti-resonance plug. Constructed from polymer foam, the mushroom-shaped device soaks up resonance like a sponge while also reducing cone break-up, creating unparalled clarity and detail in the midrange. Kevlar just got better. And the bar for other speakers just got raised even higher.

If you want to generate a big sound from a small speaker you’re going to need a decent set of lungs. The PM1 has the best breathing apparatus in the business, thanks to a special piece of proprietary Bowers & Wilkins technology we call Flowport™. Flowport helps the PM1 compensate its relative lack of internal space by regulating airflow in and out of the speaker. And it does so in a way that minimises the sound distortion that can mar the performance of other speakers.

Just like a golf ball, the dimples covering the exterior of the vent create little eddies of air, cushioning airflow across the surface of the Flowport and reducing the turbulence that produces unwanted “chuffing” noises. With Flowport, you get smooth air in, and nothing but pure, full-bodied sound out.

Object of Desire
At Bowers & Wilkins we understand that for many people audio quality isn’t the only consideration when deciding upon a loudspeaker. And while we would never place design considerations above acoustics, we appreciate that the look and feel of a loudspeaker is important. But we don’t need to explain ourselves; one look at the Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1 should be all you need to understand.

The Nautilus tube-loaded tweeter on top, the curved baffle, the Kevlar drive unit, are all included for technological, audio-related reasons. But they also come together visually, to create an aesthetically pleasing whole. Add to that the Mocha Gloss wood panels and matching stand, and we’re confident that the Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1 is not only the most refined sounding small speaker we have ever produced. It’s also one of the most desirable.

Inner Strength
The measure of any speaker cabinet is its strength and rigidity. The aim is to create a totally still, inert structure: to stamp out the slightest hint of vibration that can cause resonance within the speaker and colour the sound it produces. With a speaker as powerful and finely tuned as the Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1, cabinet bracing is even more important.

Pick up a Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker PM1, and you can tell straight away that you’re holding a reassuringly solid speaker. What’s less obvious is the internal architecture that makes it so. Just like our flagship 800 Series Diamond, the PM1 uses our Matrix bracing system, a grid of extremely strong interlocking panels that keep the speaker rock-solid and immobile. So all you hear is the drive units, and not the cabinet that surrounds them.

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"I found the PM1 easy to like, and I daresay it will appeal to many other listeners as well." The Absolute Sound (April 2012)
"The PM1's never sound undernourished or bass-light. That’s a massive achievement in something so small." What Hi-Fi (October 2012)

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