Bowers & Wilkins Back Box BB-ISW-4

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Back Box recessed ceiling/wall for the ISW-4 model.


Bowers & Wilkins Back Box BB-ISW-4

In drywall construction, the back box increases sound insulation to adjoining rooms and provides the fire safety barrier sometimes required by building regulations to prevent any fire present in the wall cavity from spreading into the room. Use it in solid construction to define a suitable working volume for the speaker, which may need to extend beyond the boundaries of the wall frame.

Designed for ISW-4, the Bowers & Wilkins Back Box BB-ISW-4 prevents wall shake and cabinet distortions that plague other designs. Back-box to optimize cabinet volume for the drivers and reduce acoustic bleed-through to other rooms.

Use of the Bowers & Wilkins Back Box BB-ISW-4 is strongly recommended.



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